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Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Anaheim Hills, CA

Root canal therapy is intended to remove bacteria from infected root canals, prevent reinfection, and save the original tooth. Bacteria can enter the pulp when a tooth is broken, chipped, or has a deep cavity. A tooth injury might also result in pulp damage and inflammation. Bacteria and rotting material can create a significant infection or a tooth abscess if left untreated, resulting in pulp death, bone loss, and tooth loss. Often if you have a failed filling, or if you have a cavity that has gone too far without dental treatment, a root canal may be necessary or highly recommended. At MySmile Dental Care Practice, Dr. Mehru Bhatia DDS diagnoses and treats tooth pain and performs root canal treatment. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online! We are conveniently located at 5568 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807.

Root Canal Treatment Specialist Near Me in Anaheim Hills, CA
Root Canal Treatment Specialist Near Me in Anaheim Hills, CA

Table of Contents:

Does a root canal hurt?
How do you know if a root canal is needed?
Do I need a crown after a root canal?
How much does a root canal cost?

Does a root canal hurt?

Root canal treatments were created as a way to eliminate any bacteria from the infected root canal, and to prevent the root canal from being reinfected, while trying to save the natural tooth. When a patient goes under for a root canal, it is due to the inflamed or infected pulp that is removed within the inside of the tooth and is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then finished off by filling it and sealing it.

Depending on the patient’s medical background, they may be prescribed anesthesia to allow the root canal to be less painful during the visit for the root canal treatment. It is no more painful than a regular dental appointment that is completed in a dental office including wisdom tooth removal, and a dental filling. Once the root canal treatment has commenced, you may feel a bit numb, or feel mild discomfort for a few days after the treatment, all of which is normal.

How do you know if a root canal is needed?

You may begin to notice persistent pain that is not going away, this is one of the first signs that you may need a root canal. When it comes to tooth pain, it can be that you need a root canal, or another dental issue altogether, including:

Gum disease
• Cavity
• Sinus infection pain
• Damaged filling
• Impacted tooth which is now infected

Another symptom that may elude that you will need a root canal includes any sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks that can cause a feeling of sharp or dull pain. As well, tooth discoloration can also occur when the pulp of the tooth begins to break down, damage the roots, and begin to give the tooth a grayish-black appearance. Finally, another symptom that can occur includes swollen gums. Swelling within or near the area that is affected will begin to feel tender to the touch.

There are a few more signs than just swelling, pain, or certain sensations including heat felt within the gums; however, it is highly recommended that you visit a dentist for a check-up once every 6 to 12 months to ensure your dental health is unaffected, and cleaning is completed to ensure it stays that way.

Our dental staff will take notes of what should we watch over the next several months as well as any X-rays to keep on record, as these will all help as indicators towards what may or may not need to be completed within the mouth.

Do I need a crown after a root canal?

Root canals were created to save the tooth from any further infection, but it will not save the tooth from getting weaker. With tooth decay in the background of occurring, a root canal is often recommended to be completed with a dental crown. Dental crowns will be recommended if:

A tooth becomes weakened: Tooth decay will have a large number of dental issues needing to be removed and will weaken the root before the root canal. If you combine tooth decay and a root canal, you are leaving the tooth in a bad place, and at a higher risk of crumbling when it needs to do its job like chewing, or if you grind your teeth.

Tooth becomes quite sensitive: At times, only a partial removal will be necessary during a root canal, any remainder will be extremely sensitive to cold, heat, pressure, sugar, and acid. Fitting a crown over the tooth, and is done to protect the tooth from the outside elements.

Tooth becomes more discolored: Getting dental treatments like root canals and having tooth decay may cause tooth discoloration to occur. If this is the case, a crown may be recommended.

Tooth has had restoration work completed before: If the tooth that is being worked on needs to be worked on, and has previously had work, you are putting a higher risk of another issue occurring in the future if you need to apply a crown.

With all of this, root canals and a crown are often necessary, as they will create a barrier to save the tooth and help restore it to its former glory.

How much does a root canal cost?

Depends entirely on where within the mouth you need a root canal, as well as where you live within the United States, and if you have any coverage.

On average, a root canal may cost anywhere from $300 to $1500 per tooth. Please contact us at MySmile Dental Care if you have any other questions about the root canal treatment or if you’d like a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Mehru Bhatia, DDS. He would be happy to meet with you. Contact us today or book an appointment with our specialist, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 5568 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807. We serve patients from Anaheim Hills CA, Yorba Linda CA, Tustin CA, Villa Park CA, Irvine CA, Corona CA, Orange CA, Santa Ana CA and BEYOND!