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Invisalign Cost without Insurance

Invisalign Cost without Insurance in Anaheim Hills, CA

Without insurance, you can expect to pay roughly $2000 and $9000 for Invisalign depending upon many situations. At My Smile Dental Care, Dr. Mehru Bhatia DDS provides a comprehensive dental evaluation and fitting for those looking to bolster their smile through Invisalign. Book your consultation appointment today or contact us now to learn more. We are conveniently located at 5568 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807.

Invisalign Cost without Insurance Near Me in Anaheim Hills, CA
Invisalign Cost without Insurance Near Me in Anaheim Hills, CA

Table of Contents:

Is Invisalign worth the money?
How much does Invisalign cost without insurance?
How much does Invisalign cost with insurance?
Can Invisalign be paid in installments?

There has been a transition away from traditional metal braces over the last ten years and it’s not difficult to understand why. The gripe with metal braces has always been threefold: the soreness from mandatory tightening, the restriction on eating certain foods, and the dreaded metal-mouth aesthetics.

Is the result, straighter teeth and a more confident smile, worth it? Many say yes.

However, with more subtle and less abrasive dental alternatives now available, getting braces no longer has to be the dreaded experience that it once was.

Invisalign is a less invasive option for those looking for a subtler teeth straightening experience. Instead of the metal components of traditional braces, Invisalign utilizes clear aligners that apply gentle pressure to your teeth causing them to shift into place over time. At My Smile Dental Care, we provide a comprehensive dental evaluation and fitting for those looking to bolster their smile through Invisalign.

Is Invisalign worth the money?

Invisalign provides many benefits that traditional braces don’t, often making them the preferred choice for those looking to invest in straightening their teeth. Consider the following carefully as you look to make your decision:
• Aligners can be removed, offering flexibility in those social situations where you may want to forgo them for a couple of hours. This will not impede the straightening of your teeth in any way.

• No food restrictions. Simply pop out your aligners and munch away without having to worry about particles getting stuck or popping a metal bracket out of place.

• Cleaning aligners is easier than cleaning/flossing traditional braces. No threading the floss between the metal components and your teeth or wondering if your toothbrush got all the food particles. Simply remove your trays and scrub them with a toothbrush using water and baking soda.

• Significantly less discomfort. Invisalign moves your teeth at a slower pace than traditional braces and doesn’t require periodic in-house tightening. This softer approach reduces pain and irritation significantly. There are also fewer oral sores associated with Invisalign as there’s no metal rubbing against the soft tissue of the mouth.

• Less commute/chair time. There are significantly fewer maintenance and clinic visits with Invisalign as aligners only need to be traded out to progress the treatment.
While Invisalign typically costs more than traditional braces, the additional flexibility and lessened discomfort may be worth the extra money to some. At the end of the day, personal comfort and budget must both be considered to make the best choice.

How much does Invisalign cost without insurance?

Depending on the provider and how complicated your case is, Invisalign typically costs anywhere from $2000 to $9000. In comparison, traditional braces can run you anywhere from $2000 to $6000.
If you’re on a budget and the aesthetics component doesn’t concern you, then metal braces may be the way forward. However, keep in mind that traditional braces may come with additional expenses and chair time – especially if the metal brackets break due to eating, playing sports, etc.
The cost will also depend on if you have dental insurance, as some providers may provide coverage for traditional braces and/or Invisalign.

How much does Invisalign cost with insurance?

It’s worthwhile to note that many insurance providers that cover traditional braces often also cover Invisalign.
Coverage will depend on your specific type of insurance, so always check with your provider regarding the details of your plan. They may pay for a specific percentage of your treatment, or up to a certain dollar amount.
Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment usually has a lifetime cap on it so it’s important to keep up to date on the terms of your benefits and how much cap room you have left. Make sure that you also check which types of insurance your dental clinic accepts so there are no surprises when you’re handed the bill at the end of your treatment.

Can Invisalign be paid in installments?

Many clinics will offer a payment plan option for those who would prefer to pay for their Invisalign over a series of months. Ask your provider if they offer payment plans, the period that it can be extended over, and any interest rates that may be included.
While some orthodontists require a down payment before the start of treatment, others may choose to waive that upfront payment and include it as part of the monthly installations.

My Smile Dental Care offers flexible and affordable monthly payment plans for those patients wanting to invest in Invisalign. We recognize that premium care should not carry an exorbitant price tag and will work with you to achieve your dental goals. Contact us today and get started down the road to a more confident smile! Visit My Smile Dental Care and talk to Dr. Mehru Bhatia, DDS to learn more about dental implants.

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